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South East Marine Services (Pty) Ltd founded in 1983 is the cleaning and painting arm of Associated Marine Engineers. Owned and managed by Hans Petring, who holds both a technical ship building qualification as well as a basic naval architectural diploma, South East Marine Services are well qualified for this important task.

High pressure water washing, painting and spray painting, grit blasting, pumping and tank cleaning, make up the core services of the company. But as with all companies within the Associated Marine Engineers’ consortium, South East Marine has the competitive edge over other organizations in this field. And it lies in the simple but highly effective company mission - NO COMEBACKS.

It's one thing to have a company mission. It's completely another to make it work day to day, year by year. For South East Marine and clients of Associated Marine Engineers the mission works. In the ten years of operation, South East Marine has not had a single comeback from any client. That's an achievement that few, if any, marine companies can boast of. And for clients it is a guarantee of the highest quality workmanship.

Another competitive advantage for South East Marine is its in-depth knowledge of materials and its relationship with suppliers. Whilst materials are not guaranteed and can always fail in certain circumstances, South East Marine's unblemished record speaks volumes about the company's material quality control and purchasing policy.

Pride in workmanship from preparation right through to the final finishing touches and expert material quality control place South East Marine Services streets ahead of any other company in it field.

Uncompromising Service Standards