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Project Management

Dry docked or laid up for repairs is inevitable in the life of a ship. But every unbudgeted delay will cost you a packet, not to mention lost revenue. At the core of our mission to get your ships back to sea in perfect working condition quickly and efficiently is our project management team. Based at Allsurvey Industrial, a founding member of Associated Marine Engineers, their versatility and professionalism is assured. 

As a result of their many years at sea the project management team at Associated Marine Engineers is well versed in a whole host of marine engineering disciplines. This in-depth pool of knowledge allows our team to communicate precisely with all other consortium members, as well as any other marine engineering contractors required to complete a successful project.

Although we use the latest computer technology our approach to project management is very much hands-on. Coupled with personal on the job supervision, nothing slips by our project management teams. Well laid plans, accurate costing, rigid timing schedules and good communication, all add up to a high level of client satisfaction and ensure that your ship get back to sea on time.


As project managers Allsurvey Industrial is able to exercise full control of every project down to the finest detail. All sensitive data and information is processed in-house. Security is totally watertight. Administration is fully computerized for communication, reporting, project management, drawing, accounting and banking. Experience in international finance avoids costly delays. Customer services are enhanced by a dedication throughout the Company to the concept of customer care. After all there are only three important issues in the marine industry, the owners, the ships and the men who sail them.

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